About Me.


my name is wesley

i study machine learning and bioinformatics

at university of illinois at urbana–champaign with prof. jian peng

i enjoy photography   golf   and yoga 禪



Software Engineering Intern

  • Worked in the Google Accelerated Science Team at Google AI where we collaborated with chemists and biologists in universities/labs to accelerate drug discoveries with image based cell screening

  • Developed a Generative Adversarial Network based model remove batch-to-batch effect in cell imaging including dye intensity, imaging device, lighting condition etc. The multi-domains transformation significantly improve downstream analysis by removing the batch effect biases.

  • Opened source the implementations and contributed to Tensorflow and Tensorflow Model



Graduate Research Assistant

* Worked on various research topics in bioinformatics and computational chemistry using a data driven neural network approach with Prof. Jian Peng * Research topics include protein sequence profiling, protein structure contact prediction, and graph based neural network for molecule property prediction and model interpretability



Software Engineering Intern

* *Summer 2016:* created and designed an internal tool for mobile developers to investigate UI test failures in full speed by aggregating and synchronizing logs and videos with React.js front-end and Python/Go back-end * *Summer 2017:* built model to estimate the trip states (e.g. parking, waiting etc) for Uber Eats couriers, and developed a Kernel Conditional Random Field library drawing interest from multiple teams and won the first prize for Uber’s first internal machine learning poster session



Undergrad Research Assistant

* Conducted interdisciplinary research in computer science, biology and natural language processing with Prof. Pengyu Hong * Develop statistical machine learning model and engineer neural network to solve some challenging problems in protein structure understanding in biology and discourse parsing in linguistic * Selected as Jerome A. Schiff Undergraduate Fellows for my [thesis](http://www.cs.brandeis.edu/~weschin/Schiff-Proposal.pdf)